ASUFIN joins the Peppi project to stop over-indebtedness

We are part of a network of organizations to advise consumers and prevent over-indebtedness.

Many consumers have taken out loans to pay bills or are having trouble making their loan or mortgage payments. At ASUFIN we are concerned about this difficult situation that many families are going through, so we work not only to help them improve their family finances, but also to provide them with all the information they need to avoid falling into over-indebtedness.

That is why we joined the Peppi project to prevent over-indebtedness. A project, co-financed by the European Union and launched by the European association ECDN, in which, together with organizations from 12 other member countries of the European Union, we will work to offer advice and resources to consumers.

We are working on the creation of a network of organizations that, under the umbrella of ASUFIN, want to help improve the financial situation of Spanish and European consumers. If you are part of an organization committed to the financial health of consumers, write to us to share ideas and look for synergies.

We all have to make an effort to stop toxic over-indebtedness and improve the financial situation of families.

In addition, at ASUFIN we offer free resources that will help you better understand over-indebtedness and put a stop to it. Download infographics, consult webinars or news in which you will find tools to work on over-indebtedness.


  • Effective financial planning – tailor-made household budget. Stop thinking that finances are difficult! We teach you how to manage your family economy – Watch here
  • Financial health check. Do you pay more on your electricity bill? Find out how to reduce it – Watch here
  • Financial decisions. What can I do after the Euribor rise? | Discover the code of good practices  – Watch here
  • Cybersecurity of financial services. Have you been a victim of an online scam? We teach you how to get your money back – Watch here
  • Cybersecurity of financial services. Beware of Internet scams! We explain the latest how to avoid them – Watch here
  • Retirement starter. What do you know about blending? We tell you ways to monetize your home – Watch here
  • Early warning signs of over indebtedness. What you should know about miracle products and over-indebtedness, we tell you! – Watch here


  • Flexible budgeting. How to make a family budget – Download here 
  • What types of financing are available?- Download here
  • Target groups and debt – basic concepts. Cards and over-indebtedness – Download here
  • Risks and dangers of modern financial products. Dangerous financial products – Download here
  • Building up savings. 6 ideas for extra income – Download here
  • What to do if you are contacted by a collection agency?   – Download here


  • Insurance advisor. Consumer association specialised in the protection of financial users – Read here
  • Principles of household financial management. Learn how to better manage your family finances – Read here
  • Find out what you can do to avoid being scammed this holiday – Read her
  • Protection of saving against inflation. How to save on your bills after the latest price increase – Read here
  • Board games. 5 games to learn financial education – Read here
  • Talking about money. Why it is important to talk about money – Read here
  • Consumer bankruptcy procedure. What is the Second Chance Law and how can it help you? – Read here
  • Mental health and debts. How does over-indebtedness affect mental health? – Read here
  • Debt advice – looking for help? Contacts of debt advisory points/centres. Debt counseling: looking for help? – Read here
  • Household in debt – dealing with different problems Read here and here


Proyecto Peppi
Cofinanciado por la UE

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