5 games to learn financial education

Financial education is very important to be able to manage our personal finances in a healthy way

At ASUFIN we care about your financial education. We publish studies, infographics and web notes and organize free webinars so that you are always 100% informed. Now, in addition, we want to share with you five games so that both you and your children can learn how to manage your finances without leaving home.


Who hasn’t played Monopoly on a classic family afternoon? In this game, each participant has to manage the purchase and sale of buildings in a city. It teaches you to manage money, to think about the profitability of investments and to avoid over-indebtedness.

The Sims

This video game, released in 2000, has taught the meaning of money to many young Spaniards. The game rewards you if you work, pay your bills up to date and do not have unpaid bills. It also prepares you for economic problems that you may have in your day-to-day life: the money you have to have saved to be able to buy a house or the unforeseen expense of a broken washing machine.

Cash registers

If you had a cash register when you were little and played at being a supermarket shopkeeper or if you have bought one for your children, you are helping their financial education. This game allows the little ones to learn mathematical operations, value the cost of food and learn how to handle money.


Another classic game. In this board game, participants have to buy land, get permits to build and create large hotel complexes to charge the other participants when they fall on their square. The teaching is similar to Monopoly, you learn to see the profitability of your investments.


This well-known video game teaches those who play it to manage resources and learn how to obtain them. In fact, employees of a financial company have used the game to teach economic concepts to elementary school children.

What games do you remember or use to teach and learn financial education? Tell us in the comments.

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