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If you are in debt or have taken out loans in the last few months, find out what we have for you on this over-indebtedness prevention portal.

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We have a complicated economic situation in which many families are seeing how their debts don´t stop growing. Online credits, mini-credits, easy loans… Do these products sound familiar to you? Many include conditions that leave you trapped in a spiral of debt. At ASUFIN we help you to get out of it. Contact one of our advisors for free.
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Financial education is one of the keys
Manage your finances in a healthy way. Learn in our blog how to make a family budget, the dangers of revolving cards, what types of financing exist… Discover all the learnings and information you need.


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Can't pay your debts? Find out how the Second Chance Law can help you

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Have you been included in a debt collection file? We explain how to get out of it

Play Video about ¿Ejecutaron tu hipoteca antes de 2013? Te contamos cómo reclamar y recuperar hasta 29.000€

Was your mortgage foreclosed before 2013? We tell you how to claim and recover up to €29,000

Play Video about ¿Te dieron un préstamo por tu coche? Te contamos si tu contrato es abusivo

Did they give you a loan for your car? We will tell you if your contract is abusive

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